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Dental Aesthetics

diş estetiği

Smile design is a concept developed to evaluate the position of the teeth in the mouth, their size, the relationship of the teeth with each other and the relations of the teeth with other structures such as lips and gums, and then to present the most suitable smile design to the person through various arrangements.

Previously, we were only able to show the patients the possible image after the treatment with the work we did on the model. Now, thanks to the developing technology, we can show how we can get an image in the mouth of the patients with the help of computers.

Each tooth has a required size, position, angle and color. As a result of the disorders that occur in the mouth during development or later, these features of the tooth may naturally deviate from the values they should be. In such a case, it should be determined which structures and which teeth cause this situation the most, and a treatment plan should be drawn up for necessary corrections.

The most important thing that distinguishes smile design from other aesthetic approaches such as porcelain veneer and orthodontic treatment is not only evaluating the teeth, but also taking into account other structures, and obtaining the most natural and best appearance when the patient is in the normal position, talking and smiling.

The following treatments can be applied in smile design:

  • orthodontic treatment

  • aesthetic dental filling

  • porcelain veneer

  • Lip filler

  • Treating the gums

Smile design is a treatment that is too complicated to be completed in just one session, takes a long time and requires a holistic approach. In smile design, a design should be made with an artistic approach by considering functions such as speech, gestures and laughter, which are a part of the person's character and daily life.

When you apply to your doctor for smile design, first of all:

  • A detailed physical examination

  • Detailed functional examination,

  • Photographs will be obtained from different positions and angles.

Then your doctor will inform you about the missing points and will decide together with you what kind of appearance you want. Later, it will show you this appearance both on the model and through the computer program, and will show you how it will look after the treatments are finished.

One of the most important advantages of smile design is that the physician decides together with the patient and the patient becomes a part of the treatment. In this way, it will be seen what kind of appearance will be obtained before the treatment is started, and some changes that the patient may want will be made and an appearance that the patient will be satisfied with will be obtained.

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